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Capital Sourcing Contract Leader

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The Capital Sourcing Contract Leader is responsible for establishing the strategic commercial contracts and management of partnerships for capital projects. The position will work with corporate and business unit leaders to develop effective capital strategies for projects and initiatives. Collaborate with various colleagues in Capital Sourcing, Advanced Manufacturing, Capital Delivery, Legal, and Contract Management to improve Owens Corning strength commercially and contractually within the requirements of challenging project schedules.  This position is responsible to ensure the right type and number of agreements are established and maintained to meet the ever changing Capital Deployment environment. This position is also responsible to ensure best practices and suppliers are shared across the business units.

Join an organization that believes that every employee owns a piece of our bold growth goals and ultimate success. We are a market-leading innovator that has placed on the Fortune 500®. Owens Corning is devoted to delivering sustainable solutions across our three business segments while striving to ensure our people and products make the world a better place. We take pride in having an inclusive and diverse workplace with employees around the globe.  A holistic sense of community exists across our entire organization as our talent grows globally. We are a company that fully recognizes the importance of paving a path to a sustainable and safe enterprise through investing in our people. Our desire to make an impactful difference in the world flows from top down to all levels of the organization. By being a company that instills pride within each and every employee, we aspire to build market-leading businesses; global in scope - human in scale.


Create stronger OC contractual position with suppliers through negotiating written contracts in cooperation with Legal Operations. 

  • Contract Management of new and existing agreements to ensure they are a fit for the current business needs.  This may mean establishing new agreements, modifying and/or maintaining existing agreements, or terminating non-beneficial existing agreements
  • Continuous improvement opportunities for Capital Projects with support of IP department by (i) better upfront communications and interactions, (ii) creation and\or revising commercial IP strategies in strategic contracts and initiatives, (iii) modernization and consolidation the amount of Terms & Conditions, used by Capital Sourcing. 
  • Establish strategies and partnerships based on needs of the business units and best opportunities in the market place considering possible financial value, possibility of success and available resources.

Evaluate success

  • Incorporate MRO considerations into every capital project with special focus on major projects. Focus on financial impact of the opportunity so resources are utilized on the right things.
  • Ensure metrics are established to evaluate success level of each initiative. If expectations are not being met take corrective actions as required to ensure the program is back on track.
  •  Participate in project execution by being the sourcing representative of select projects each year.

Partner with Global Sourcing, Advanced Manufacturing, Legal Operations, Corporate Audit Services and other Functional Leaders

  • Establish protocol for early involvement with Legal/IP colleagues on appropriate project contracts, purchase orders, and terms & conditions.  Improve commercial focus on IP strategies in strategic contracts and initiatives.
  • Mitigate risk and ensure that appropriate leaders/stakeholders are fully briefed on all relevant legal issues.
  • Support performance of compliance and process audits
  • Strengthen OC contractual/commercial position with more sophisticated approach to determining when to use purchase orders versus actual contracts
  • Foster and maintain relationships of complete candor and trust with the Global Sourcing, Legal Operations, Corporate Audit Services, Advanced Manufacturing, and other Functional Leaders
  • Create, continually update and maintain effective and efficient transaction processes.

Executing Operations and Compliance

  • Sarbanes-Oxley/Polices: Assure adherence to all corporate and sourcing policies including clearly identifying non-compliance for violations in quarterly Rep Letters.
  • Transactional Excellence: Continuously improve sourcing processes with the objective of minimizing back-office sourcing transaction costs and rework.
  • Risk Mitigation: Lead with a view to ensure our Supplier and Risk Management process is delivering results
  • Supplier Segmentation: Risk analysis and importance of supplier study and actions to address high risk suppliers
  • Act as One Company: Leverage spend across the function and business units

Job Requirements


  1. Bachelor`s degree in business, finance or related field is required. Law degree is preferred.
  2. Minimum 7 years of experience working in manufacturing, global sourcing, or related field.
  3. Working knowledge of capital sourcing, commercial contracts, corporate, real estate law, compliance, antitrust and import/export.
  4. Strong negotiating and contract skills.


  1. Business Expertise. Thorough knowledge of contract law, manufacturing business. Ability to communicate capital sourcing initiatives and challenges in a data-driven and fact-based manner in support of capital execution and technology needs.
  2. Project Management Leadership: Ability to lead all commercial aspects of complex projects to successful and on-time completion.  Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of budget formulation, administration, capital program budgeting, resource allocation, program and supplier evaluation, and reporting.
  3. Process-oriented.  Utilizes strong analytical skills, creative problem solving, advanced strategic procurement methodologies, sourcing approaches, and techniques to develop project sourcing strategy that delivers value and productivity through inflation offsets, cost reductions, strategic partnering, LCC etc.
  4. Strong Policing Agent. Demonstrates the ability to challenge leadership at all levels when faced with possible violation of policy or the law.
  5. Global Cultural Competence. Effectively achieves business results working across and with multi-national teams.  Understands, communicates with, and effectively interacts with people across cultures. Is aware of one’s own cultural worldview; one’s attitude towards cultural differences; one’s knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews, and skills to interact effectively.


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