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Deleg. Gustavo A Madero, Mexico State, Mexico

Engineering Lead

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Job ID 57754


The applications and product development laboratory engineer is accountable for evaluations in the BMLA Applications Laboratory of both new and optimized products, generating know-how and in-depth understanding of the function and performance of OC products with our customers.

This position is essential to ensure the proper development and execution of priority growth programs of BMLA, particularly to speed-up top initiatives for OEM market. This position will also support business protection programs for key customers.

The applications and product development laboratory engineer is also responsible for conducting evaluations aligned to customers procedures, OC procedures and global standards. Collaboration and synergy with Applications, Product Development, Product Engineering, Sales and Production will be key to successfully achieving the desired results.


  • Thermal and acoustics evaluations, among others, of OC products replicating or simulating their application with our customers.
  • Evaluations of some key product properties needed to ensure the CFFU of our customers during the development and validation phase of new and modified product programs (due the time, technical knowledge and kind of equipment needed these properties can not be evaluated in the Production Quality Laboratory).
  • Teardown and analysis of customers' products (like ranges, air conditioning devices, water heaters, building systems, etc.).
  • Benchmarking of OC products versus competitors.
  • Technical reports for internal OC users.
  • Collaborate with both application and product development engineers to elaborate technical bulletins for customers.
  • Thermal simulations.
  • BMLA laboratory management.

Position Requirements


Minimum 5 years of experience in the industry.

Experience working in laboratories of application and product development. Experience conducting tests in pilot equipment and product application, physical-chemical tests of materials and analytical equipment.


  1. Experience in HVAC and WH systems. Knowledge of materials and the related mechanical system.
  2. Experience and knowledge of thermal and acoustic insulating materials, and thermal simulations.


Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering or related.


1. Studies in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

2. Master’s degree (areas: Mechanical, Chemical, HVAC).

Skills/personal traits

  • Analytical, curious, creative, innovative.
  • Highly disciplined and with systemic thinking.
  • Accountable and autonomous.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • English level: Advanced 90%.
  • High capacity and resilience for conflict management.

  • Passion and affinity for laboratory work in the application and development of products:
               -  Equipment for product application.
               -  Equipment for materials evaluation (physical-chemical, pilot, and analytical).
               -  Teardowns of equipment and products for evaluation of their components.
               -  Software for design (autocad, solids works, others) and thermal simulations.
  • Good oral and written communication.
  • Empathic with people, easy to work with, good listener
  • Project management and leadership capabilities for multidisciplinary teams.
Please note: Applications must be filled out completely—incomplete applications will not be considered. Resumes are welcome, but are not a substitute for completing the application.

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