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Deleg. Gustavo A Madero, Mexico State, Mexico

Production/Operations Manager

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Job ID 58593


  • Responsible for ensuring security throughout the production process from ​​raw materials to packaging
  • Ensure compliance with quality standards in all production and manufacturing processes
  • Responsible for compliance with the production program ensuring quality throughout the production chain
  • Maintain constant and efficient communication with the production planning and finished product warehouse departments to maximize production efficiency
  • Develop and promote savings projects applicable in the production process.
  • Ensuring compliance with the 5S's certification and maintenance program in each of the applicable areas of production and manufacturing.
  • Promote a zero-loss culture through the implementation of the TPM methodology.
  • Ensure compliance with the Master Plan for the implementation of the Autonomous Maintenance pillar of the TPM methodology.
  • Optimize the production sequence based on the reduction / elimination of cleaning stoppages.
  • Ensure efficiency in cleaning activities and inspection of equipment during shutdowns for scheduled maintenance.
  • Optimization of cleaning and inspection activities during scheduled maintenance shutdowns to increase the use of installed production capacity.
  • Generate and promote improvement projects in the production process to increase the use of installed production capacity.
  • Provide the necessary resources to production supervisors to ensure continuity in the production process.
  • Calculate the budget of the production area showing reduction compared to the previous year.
  • Ensure responsible and efficient budget spending.
  • Ensure and an efficient and respectful relationship with the union.
  • Report daily performance indicators.
  • Evaluation of subordinate personnel.
  • Ensure the development of talent.
  • Ensure compliance with the TPM implementation Master Plan.
  • Responsible for the Autonomous Maintenance pillar of TPM.
  • The position reports to the plant leader.





Implementation and compliance with EHS Policies, Norms, Guidelines, Systems and procedures, both corporate and regulatory, to guarantee the safety of our employees and visitors.
  1. Contributes to the cultural change of safety by being a Role Model in safety behaviors
  2. Comply with safety standards and procedures
  3. Contribute to create an awareness of safety and culture change in the organization by actively confronting and giving feedback to unsafe behaviors
  4. Comply with the 5S training program. Ensuring that the Change Control System is followed
  5. Create and develop capacity in his area of ​​influence by reporting and eliminating unsafe conditions.
  6. Actively participates in the execution of the Investigation process and Incidents elimination related to the areas of responsibility of the Role
  7. Ensure all the above points in the people under the responsibility of the role
  1. % Compliance with safe standards and procedures
  2. % Feedback on unsafe behavior
  3. % Compliance to the Safety Skill Matrix
  4. % Compliance with the Change Control procedure
  5. # of unsafe conditions reported and eliminated in time
  6. % Compliance with the objectives of Behavior and Culture
Implementation and compliance with the Policies, Norms, Guidelines, Quality Systems and procedures, both corporate and regulatory to ensure the quality of our products, services and continuity of the operation of our business.
  1. Contributes to the cultural change of quality by being a Role Model in quality behavior
  2. Meets quality standards and procedures
  3. Create and live a Quality culture in his area of ​​influence, being proactive in the detection and elimination of defects, as well as the acts of non-quality of any person in the organization
  4. Comply with the Pilar Q training program
  5. Comply with the systems, standards and procedures of Quality of the role.
  6. Ensures the active participation of itself and all the people in his area of ​​influence in the programs of continuous improvement, including the fulfillment of the action plans derived from Corporate and external audits.
  7. Assure all the above points in the persons under the responsibility of the role
  1. # of Quality Incidents
  2. # of Critical or major observations of external / internal audits inherent to the responsibilities of the Role
  3. % Compliance with the Role Quality training matrix
  4. % Compliance with standards and procedures of Role Quality and.
  5. % Compliance with CaPas and action plans derived from continuous improvement programs

Compliance with the company's SOX guidelines through strict adherence to Owens Corning's policies

  1. Knows the OC SOX policies regarding the processes that are the responsibility of the role
  2. Create an awareness of compliance with SOX regulations through constant feedback
  3. Comply with the training program for SOX
  4. Ensures the correct involvement of your area in the SOX audits process
  5. Detects, documents and escalates deviations to SOX in any area of ​​the company
  6. Actively participates in the resolution of the root cause of detected SOX problems
  7. Assure all the above points in the persons under the responsibility of the role
  1. % Compliance with OC policies
  2. % SOX Incident Elimination
  3. % compliance of SOX trainings
  4. % SOX evaluation score
  5. % compliance with SOX action plans of the systems that the Role owns
Create the conditions to develop the Capacity of the Organization and reach the CBN
  1. Support the plant leadership team (including GM, Ops LA Director and Plant Manager) as well as the owners of Pillars, teams and individuals in the activities of the Small Working Groups (PGT), ensuring cause – effect between all plans and activities performed with the delivery of business results.
  2. Develop problem solving capabilities with particular skills for an effective root cause analysis and the election and use of the best tools for each case.
  3. Design and provide technical training or organizational development according to the business needs for TPM.
  4. Perform internal and external benchmarking of the best manufacturing practices for reapplication.
  5. Lead the TPM Systems that the role owns
  1. The Plant shows a tendency to achieve and sustain business results according to the CBN / ZLJ
  2. The Plant maintains and improves the results achieved in the blocks of variables PQCDSM.
  3. % of elimination of identified losses and with an execution plan for elimination completed in time and with effectiveness.
  4. % Compliance and results of Systems that the role owns
Participates in the elimination of Plant Losses in the region.

Participate in the Plant Loss Analysis committees to:
  1. Coach the Loss Analysis teams in the identification of losses and tools of the Pillars on how to attack them.
  2. Identify the common losses of the Pillar in the organization, provide feedback to the Master Plan of the Pillar and that of the Plant, for its elimination.

  1. % Pillar Loss Map compliance and elimination of the listed losses
  2. Compliance with the BIT

$ Savings due to Loss elimination or reduction.

Position Requirements


Minimum 5 years working in production processes as production leader Jr. or Sr. Management of unionized and trusted direct and indirect subordinate personnel. Minimum 3 years of verifiable experience in implementing the TPM methodology, desirably experience in the Autonomous Maintenance pillar.


Bachelor of Engineering. Preferably Chemical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Deep knowledge of the TPM methodology. 
Technical knowledge in machines, control and instrumentation and control of manufacturing processes.

Skills/personal traits

  • Leadership capabilities for multidisciplinary manufacturing teams and Supply Chain
  • English level: Advanced 90%
  • Focused on business results through the people of the Organization
  • Highly disciplined and with systemic thinking
  • Analytical and understanding capabilities of various manufacturing processes
  • Highly responsible and autonomous, focused on teamwork and people capacity development
  • Good oral and written communication
  • Development attitude of the Organization with skills of coach and personal coach
  • Empathic with people, easy to work with, good listener
  • High capacity and resilience for conflict management

Please note: Applications must be filled out completely—incomplete applications will not be considered. Resumes are welcome, but are not a substitute for completing the application.

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