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Regional Occup Health Nurse

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Job Overview, Basic Function and Responsibilities;

This non-supervisory position is responsible for the provision and management of occupational health and wellness services at the plant or facility level.  Although the primary duties and responsibilities are local, and involve a single, large facility (approximately 80%), responsibilities also extend to some smaller facilities within the same geographic region (approximately 20%).  There is an expectation that the incumbent will travel to the regional facilities periodically throughout the year.Duties include coordinating health initiatives on behalf of employees and contractors, individually, and in partnership with the local medical community when applicable.  The incumbent will interact and collaborate with a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders to prevent and manage injuries and illnesses and to promote health, wellness, productivity and safety within the facilities/plants. This will be accomplished by planning, implementing and managing health-related programs, engaging in first aid treatment, and case managing both work-related and non work-related injuries and illnesses.

This position reports directly to the facility EH&S or HR Leader and via a dotted-line to the Corporate Medical Director

Activities Specific to the Primary Facility/Plant:

  • Oversees and maintains an Owens Corning (OC) onsite occupational health clinic, operating within the scope of nursing practice. Administers and maintains the policies, programs, and procedures of the clinic consistent with the company's general policies concerning nursing services as defined by Corporate Health Services (CHS).  Manages the clinic’s budget and oversees the procurement of necessary equipment and supplies to operate the clinic safely and effectively.
  • Assesses and provides first aid intervention to injured and ill employees.  Provides triage and, when possible, emergency medical management for all injured workers at this same facility.  Also participates in ergonomic evaluations and special investigations of work place incidences of a medical nature at the primary facility.
  • Coordinates and leads medical effort during medical emergencies.  Serves as the liaison between the company and the local emergency room during medical emergencies involving injured workers.  Is available during regular and non-business hours to assist with the facility’s emergency response effort.
  • Provides case management by procuring medical information to facilitate decisions relative to sick leave eligibility, return to work and placement questions.  Works closely with third party case Management Company and Absence Management to manage maritime personal illness and workers compensation cases.  Develops and maintains program to effectively monitor the status of absent employees due to illness or injury.
  • Interfaces and collaborates with the nurse case managers from ICM to facilitate the return to work of injured employees being managed by this group.
  • Participates in all safety meetings, actively engages both Safety and HR in the discussion and analysis of all occupational injury and illness cases, and lends technical and administrative assistance in the development and implementation of safety programs with identifiable health components or requiring clinical or nursing expertise.
  • Participates in disaster planning (terrorism, etc.) and business continuity planning.  Engages the local community in such planning where appropriate.  
  • Participates fully in appropriate activities such as Hazard Recognition Training, Incident Investigation and, especially, Emergency Planning and Response.
  • Maintains a system of confidential medical records consistent with sound medical ethics while maintaining compliance with government regulations such as OSHA and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  Enforces procedures for preserving confidentiality, while allowing access to those with a bona fide need to know.

Activities Common to Both Primary and Regional Facilities/Plants:

  • Facilitates the completion of a variety of worker clinical evaluations including, but not limited to, annual health monitoring and medical surveillance examinations, worker fitness-for-duty examinations, pre-assignment/pre-placement evaluations, preventive service examinations, etc. at both the primary and regional facilities.  Reports these examination/evaluation activities to local management and to CHS.
  • Oversees, personally or by contract, the provision of specialty services such as drug and alcohol testing, medical screening including hearing, vision, blood draws, vital signs and pulmonary function testing, travel medicine consultations and immunizations, etc. when required at both primary and regional facilities. 
  • Cooperates with CHS in developing health education and wellness programming relevant to the primary and regional facilities populations, and administers those programs and activities at each facility. Facilitates the creation of a wellness committee at each facility where appropriate.
  • Acts as liaison and ambassador for the company to the community at large when health concerns are at issue and cooperates with the local community, when appropriate, to assist in the delivery of needed public health programs that are advantageous to both the community and the company.
  • Provides all clinical activities following the Standard Nursing Guidelines and under the direction of the Corporate Medical Director (CMD) in accordance with applicable laws governing state licensure and national certification. 
  • Participates in appropriate, periodic conference calls with HR, the Genex group, CHS and operations to discuss absences due to personal illnesses and work related injuries and illnesses.  Participates in periodic conference calls organized by CHS to discuss relevant nursing and health and wellness issues. 
  • Participates in the development and implementation of clinical protocols and guidelines to be used during the provision of clinical services.  Cooperates with CHS to develop and implement policies to create uniformity, consistency and quality assurance in the delivery of nursing care. 

Licensing, Credentialing and Personal Competencies:

  • Remains current and informed on regulatory issues affecting the delivery of occupational and other health services, hazard-specific regulations regarding worker evaluation and treatment of exposures likely to be encountered in a heavy manufacturing environment and OSHA recordable safety issues as they pertain to the clinical treatment of injury cases.
  • Obtains and maintains necessary continuing education credit hours and training as required by state and certifying agencies. 
  • Participates in all off-site company health conferences/meetings as sponsored and directed by CHS for the advancement and training of internal clinical personnel. 

Desirable Skills and Attributes:

Position requires a RN degree with 3-5 years experience in occupational health.  Previous emergency room experience preferred. Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is preferred.Certification in occupational and environmental health nursing and case management is highly desirable.  Must be ACLS certified. Certification in DOT drug and alcohol collection, spirometry and hearing conservation is preferred. Individual must be highly motivated, self-directed with the ability to work independently and have strong interpersonal, communication and computer skills.


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