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Global in Scope. Human in Scale.


[Scenes of the corporate office cycle though. Background music plays throughout while narrator speaks.]

Owens corning is meeting the needs of today without compromising the future. That's what being a sustainable enterprise is about.

[Images change to different products in different stages of manufacturing.] This principle guides how we innovate. It informs how we grow.

[Images feature employees at work and different OC products.]

Narrator: It directs investment in our people. It inspires our team to build a company that uncovers tomorrow's possibilities.

When your products make a material difference, and the people on your team possess the breadth of knowledge only possible when you're a global market leader. [Images feature different structures that use OC products.] Making the world a better place is not a tagline. [Images feature people and families.] It's a responsibility and our purpose.

[Images rotate through roofing, insulation, and windmills.]




[Image is a cross section of a wall with insulation.]

Our products make spaces safer and more comfortable. [Image of sailor(??) on a sailboat(??) as an example of something people use.] They make the things people use every day stronger, lighter, and more durable.

Protecting homes, creating buildings that are more energy efficient and addressing the needs of tomorrow.

[Images alternate between employees with customers and products being made.]

Always listening and responding to our customers' ambitions.

[Image of our workers developing and testing product.]

We are curious, and that curiosity drives us to developed solutions that have measurable impact.

[Images of windmills and bridges.]

Like lower-cost wind energy, and bridges that don't corrode, built to stand the test of time.

[Images are scenes inside the building and of people working.]

Our commitment to people starts with helping our colleagues grow and to express their unique talents. But our commitment to people extends beyond the walls of our company.

[Image of children living in safe homes before switching to a city skyline.]

Our employees live safely at work and at home. They make our communities better places to live. Now and for future generations.

[Images of those helping and those in need.]

We're helping them to give back all around the world by providing support for safe housing, health and education for those in need. The roofs we provide for US military veterans. Or building a school for deaf children in Mexico.

[Images of workers holding up signs of how they've helped and then changing to images of workers working.]

Serving in many ways in areas where we live in work. [Image of astronaut.] Global in scope. [Image of baby hands on window.] Human in scale. We have the people and products that make the world a better place.

[Words roofing, insulation, and composites flash across screen.]

[OC logo]. At Owens Corning.