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OC in 6


"We challenged our global team to describe working at Owens Corning—in only six words. Here are some of our favorites."

Clips featuring workers installing a roof on a home, spools of material in a plant, installed EcoTouch PINK Fiberglas Insulation, employee in a lab with a microscope, solar panels, a banner with "Giving Back to Those Who Served," and workers on different OC campuses play before a graphic of a tower is displayed. Underneath the OC sign which is the logo, "in 6" appears.

A clip of a worker plays. In the foreground, the screen reads: "leading the way for 80 years."

The screen is split into thirds with three different clips, all with their own phrases written in the foreground. From left to right, the first clip is of the headquarters' tower with the words "great company" overtop the clip, the next is pink insulation on a manufacturing line with the words "better products," and the last is an employee working with the words "best people."

The words "We make the world better together!" appear on the next screen which has a primarily blue image with a person holding up a globe.

Image of a side view of steps follows on the next screen with a curved line bouncing up them. The words "We engage and grow beyond probabilities" surround the steps.

We switch over to a clip of a worker walking into a locker room. He puts on his hardhat and safety glasses. Next to him are the words, "Clock in, do job, make difference."

The Pink Panther with a hardhat and safety goggles graphic pops up on the next screen. The words "safety is always OC's top priority" are displayed next to it.

Then a video of a worker installing insulation plays. The words written next to him are "hard, unsafe, itchy work eliminated." The words are flattened by the word "EVOLUTION" in all capital letters dropping down on them.

A graphic with four different-colored cars, green, blue, orange, and red, race across the screen. Three cars race off the screen, each following an arrow. The red one follows a line with a stop sign shape at the end of it instead of an arrow. It stops at the end of the line, and the words, "Stopped the car. Dialing unanswered call" appears.

A video of a 3-D printer producing an object plays with the words "top innovation in responsible manner" appear in the center of the screen.

A clip pans across a roof with brown shingles. The words, "Proud to say 'we make that!'" appear in white.

A still image of a climber with a sunset in the background as the words "fearless pursuit of excellence every day" emerge from behind the mountaineer.

The next clip is of a worker moving EcoTouch cans in a warehouse using a platform cart. White words appear as the worker walks off screen: "Always thinking about the customer first."

The words "personal growth through diverse, rewarding work" appears as a graphic of hands clasped together in a handshake shifts downward.

Against a nondescript back ground, the words "our little moments" are flung off screen as "make big impacts" burst through the background.

The words "human-centered innovation enriching global communities" are featured next to a panning image of adults helping kids on computers.

A clip of raw shingle material transitions into a graphic of a completed home. The words "converting raw materials into shelter, warmth" are featured.

We pan through an image of workers near a wood's edge. Running along the wood's edge are the words "local challenges, leading to worldwide opportunities."

A clip of workers in the lab highlight the words "delivering higher standards of quality worldwide."

The next screen features a graphic of a lightbulb that drops in, and the words, "OC envisioned, listened" appear with the graphic of an ear. The content is pushed off the screen by a graphic of a mountain and the words "and then achieved."

A map of a neighborhood zooms out to showcase the globe. The words "building a safer, more comfortable world" are featured as the clip goes from the micro-concept of neighborhoods and streets to the macro-concept of the globe.

The following screen has a black and white graphic of a world with networked people. The words "growing together, becoming a world leader" appear below it.

Next, white and red arrows shoot out and stop to point at the words, "Our best years are still ahead."

The end screen features the red OC logo. Underneath it, the screen reads, "Global in Scope. Human in Scale. #OCProud." The bottom of the screen contains the copyright information.