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2017 Employee Volunteer of the Year


Speaker: At Owens Corning, when we talk about our people and our products make the world a better place, she truly exemplifies that.

Lisa Anderson: I have been volunteering at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which is in the heart of the city of Atlanta, for probably close to eight to ten years. For me, it was the fact that it was an organization that had a simple [mission]: to make sure that people don't go hungry.

Greg Sims, Owens Corning, Senior Marketing of Individual Giving, ACFB: Volunteers are absolutely critical to our organization. It makes that relationship that much deeper when folks can stick around and stay with us on a consistent basis, and Lisa exemplifies that.

Lisa: I have always firmly believed that, to whom much is given, much is expected. And I firmly believe that anybody that has a job at Owens Corning is blessed. They give us the opportunity to reach out to the community around us.

Speaker: Most people feel that they would not have done any of the things that they have done as far as volunteering in the community if it was not for Lisa. She's introduced not only others in the plant but myself to a whole new level of volunteering and serving our community.

Lisa: I appreciate all the accolades I've gotten from my colleagues, but I am most excited about the grant that's tied to an organization and their beliefs and their values and their mission and what they're doing. You know how valuable $10,000 is going to be for them, so that alone is worth having to feel like being in the spotlight.

Greg: When an individual or a company donates a dollar to the food bank, we can turn that into four meals that we distribute to into the community. So with Lisa's gift [and] with Owens Corning's gift, that's going to provide 40,000 meals to families, to kids, to seniors who struggle to put food on a table, and that's amazing.